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Playboys need love, too

Posted by emzkbd on February 19, 2013

This week, Sean visited the final four’s hometowns and asked each girl’s father (and one’s mother) for their marriage blessing. I really think a sex tiebreaker would have made this week’s elimination a whole lot simpler, but apparently this Bachelor has “values”—whatever those are. I sure wouldn’t want my picture splashed across tabloid covers with the headline “Born-Again Virgin”—not even with the byline “Vaginal Rejuvenation Success Stories”.

The first hometown date wasn’t that far of a jog for Sean, who lives in Dallas. AssLee lives in Houston with her terrier Bailey. I hate that name unless it’s served on the rocks.

AssLee thinks she’s found true love. “What if he says, ‘You’re amazing, but you’re not the one!’” Then you go to counseling. Am I right?

This date is boring like all of their dates. AssLee: “God, you amaze me everytime!” Sean: “{doofy laugh} Hahaha, stop, I’m not God, but I can make you say his name.” AssLee: “You’re so handsome. I love looking at you.” Lots of closed-mouth kissing ensues, and AssLee cheers “YAY!” Nothing turns my vagina off faster than a close-mouth kiss.

AssLee and Sean arrive at her parent’s house, and she says she’s been dreaming about this day since she was 4 or 5 years old. I’m sure this was taken out of context because “meet the parents” isn’t exactly the make-believe game you play. I was more about dressing up in my mom’s lingerie and marrying my sister. See how things can get taken out of context?!

They sit down to eat in AssLee’s parent’s backyard… probably because of all the crucifixes, rosary beads or statues of Mary. AssLee’s dad wants to know every detail about their journey—where they’ve been, what they’ve seen, how close Sean’s peen came to AssLee’s hotbox. AssLee recalls the Polar Bear Plunge—with tears in her eyes—because it was really that cold… or because she was ready to marry Sean come hell or ice water.

Then she proceeds to tell them about their “romance” in St. Croix. AssLee: “We had fun in the sand, mama, you know, like they did in Grease. We rolled around in the sand, and I felt his man parts against my lady bits. That was really fun… and then I told him I loved him. He didn’t say anything because he’s contractually obligated.”

AssLee’s mom wants to reiterate the sense of abandonment AssLee experienced as an orphan. Basically Sean should be careful because sometimes she wanders off wearing a blindfold and awakes with no sense of who she is and how she got there.

From there, Sean sits down with her dad and tells him he’s “crazy about his daughter.” Then the crazy talk turns to AssLee’s underage marriage, and the lesson learned is you have to let your children make their own mistakes. Tear! Sean says he’s seen AssLee’s “core” and asks for her father’s permission to plunge his drill into it. He agrees. One down, four to go.

AssLee’s dad recalls the story of when he met AssLee, in one of the most heartfelt moments of the series. “Whatever man takes her for the rest of her life is gonna have to fall in love with her like that.” Then again, pedophilia—not so much! AssLee says she cries every time her dad shares that, which makes me wonder how many times she’s found “true love”. In true ABC Disney fairy tale fashion, AssLee says the day was magical, and there’s pixie dust everywhere. Well bibbity-bobbity-boo! My fairy godmother would be jealous.

The next hometown visits takes Sean to Seattle, where he finds Catherine in a busy marketplace. They make a wish on a pig—not sure if it was supposed to buck or vibrate, but it appears they stuck him with some coins. People are staring. What? You’ve never seen two people ride a ham?

They pass through Pike Place where they toss fish. Catherine drops hers because it’s “slippery”. Slippage can ruin relationships, Catherine. She says she loves the way Sean smells—like fish. She also loves his big, beefy arms and hopes he’s got the meaty sausage to match. Sean says Catherine brings out the kid in him.

Lots of squealing occurs when they enter Catherine’s house. Sean puts on an apron and flirts with her Grandma Graham Cracker, but for Catherine, the reception isn’t as welcoming. Her sisters are very critical of her choices because they feel like Catherine has to convince them to support her relationship. Catherine: “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t really care about this guy.” Yeah, I could see Tierra saying the same thing. Catherine’s sisters proceed to bash her former relationship dynamic. “Every guy that she’s dated has been real easy… she needs to be called out on her whorishness… she’s dirty… needs someone who can handle her mood swings.”

Catherine’s mom: “Will it work out? I don’t know. I don’t want my daughter to get hurt. You don’t want to lead her on because we don’t want that. So I think it’s best if you take your womanizing ways and pick the next girl.” Needless to say, Sean didn’t get her blessing even though he thinks “the world” of her daughter.

Next up, Sean goes to visit his army brat’s family in Missouri. This 24 year old possesses all the qualities Sean wants in a wife—ditzy voice, drunkenness, immaturity. She brings out the kid in him, just like Catherine does. Clearly, Sean doesn’t really want to grow up, which doesn’t bode well for his marriage proposal.

Lindsay and Sean bop around her small town and enjoy some cake smashing at a cupcake shop. Lindsay tells Sean to address her dad like “Hey, dude!” Then she makes him drop and give her twenty. “Don’t give me sass boi… kiss me harder… bend me over this bench… about face {smacks his ass}!”

Sean: “Lindsay’s dad is a big deal… like Ron Burgundy!” Good thing you got in a few pushups and crunches. “Part of Lindsay’s dad’s job is making men—with his stern General sperm—and hopefully he sees that I am a man, and not a sissy little girl who wears salmon-colored pants.”

Lindsay looks exactly like her mother, and her brother looks like he takes after her dad and Frankenstein. They tell her parents about Lindsay’s entrance in a wedding dress. Lindsay’s mom thinks it’s hysterical, while her dad thinks he’s about to be demoted. Lindsay’s mom says Lindsay “looks content… she looks at peace.” What is she, a corpse? Are they anticipating a wedding or a funeral?

Sean tells her mom that he’s not ready to commit to love… or anyone… because he’s The Bachelor and none of them commit. Sean is smitten with her mom, and it appears she is about ready to pounce on him. “Who you are is fantastic!” Yep, I’m sure she pinched his tushie on the way out.

Finally, Sean gets to “the talk” with the two-star General. Sean’s “crazy about your daughter”, sir. If someone were crazy about me, I’d ask if they were on medication. Lindsay’s dad ponders giving a blessing. He’s never been asked a “tougher question.” He tells Sean he “has to have the authority to make the decision”, so he gives his blessing but says he’ll take it back if Lindsay says no. Well duh!

Before he leaves, the General gives him dog tags, and everyone wants to hug Sean, including her doofy brother, who eagerly waited in line for a bear hug.

In a totally different world, Sean makes his last stop in L.A. where Dez lives. She greets him with the running approach and leaps into his arms to wrap her legs around him. Barf! Dez tells him she doesn’t want to miss him, but she tells us she wants to make out. After they freshen up from their super sweaty hike, they go back to her house. Someone else besides Sean was planning to make a visit, and Sean is confused, especially when this stranger says he loves Dez. “Whoooooaaaa!” Sean thinks he needs to leave, but I’m like, No, stay! I like Alpha-male Sean. Fight, fight, fight! “Don’t put your hands on me!” No, put your hands on meeeee, Sean! I love how all of America was convinced it was her ex when I’ve known since before the season started that this was a hoax.

Dez can definitely give one—a joke, not a BJ. Then the scary woman from The Blair Witch Project arrives—or at least that’s how I would have pictured her. Dez: “My mom’s so cute.” Really? She kinda freaks me out. Sean and Dez proceed to repeat (not finish) each other’s sentences.

Dez’s brother has words of wisdom. “A lot of guys could make you happy… that’s not what it’s about though… I’m thinking this is not going to work… This is like stupid, almost, like me.” Har har har! Mr. Debonair asks to talk with Sean.

Things get tense because Mr. Know-it-all wants Sean to admit he’s a fraud. Sean is praying for answers to this question, so he starts rambling about giving affection to Dez. Sean: “Does that put your mind at ease?” Doofus: “Aw no, I think you just a playboy… having fun with the circumstances.” Sean: “That’s not me… that’s Chris Harrison.” Dumbo: “No, I’m not buying it.”

Sean wanted to tell Dickwad off, but he didn’t want to make a scene. Then her parents started talking about the weather and how it’s raining Douche-nozzles. Once Sean leaves, Dingleberry admits he called Sean a playboy, which sends Dez off the handle. Dipshit: “He is not the one!” Oh, the number of times I’ve heard that from family members.

Finally, an hour and 37 minutes into the episode, Sean is half naked in his closet. He can picture his life with Lindsay and AssLee, but he’s unsure about Dez and her crazy brother and Catherine, a.k.a. Miss Independent. So he does what any normal guy dating four women would do, he talks to his therapist—Chris Harrison. Sean: “Nope, no clarity this week, Chris! I have no idea who I’m sending home.” Chris: “Are all four women literally on the chopping block?” What is this Survivor now? You gonna snuff their torches, too, Chris?

Sean is afraid he’ll make the wrong choice—like Jason Mesnick. Think of the positive, Sean—at least you can still marry and impregnate your runner-up! Before he hands out any roses, Dez interrupts and asks him to step outside to apologize for her dirtbag brother’s behavior. Meanwhile, Catherine is having a meltdown. “Should I have pulled him aside and offered him a handie?” The sure-things get their roses, but before he gives out the final rose he sets it back down. Even though I knew the ending, it still startled me to think he would ask for another rose… or run away with dong tucked between his legs.

Dr. Harrison returns and offers this advice: “Get this right!” Hahahaha! Don’t eff up, Seanie! Otherwise, you’ll be the laughing-stock of reality TV, right behind Jessie Palmer forgetting that chick’s name. In the end, though, Sean sends Dez home, after having reassured her that his feelings for her have nothing to do with her brother. That’s the best—“It’s not you; it’s your brother.”

Sean tells her that he’s been battling this all day like a cancerous tumor. Dez tells him he’s making a huge mistake—not 99.9%, but 100%. Sean even admits, “It might be.” Although if it makes her the Bachelorette, then I’m sure she’ll get over it. I feel like I’m watching my breakup all over again. “Don’t let me go… it’s not right… I don’t know what I’m going to do about my life… all I want to do is make someone happy… like, that is all I want to do.” As my sister said, “Get some goals, girl!”

Until next week… I hope you all enjoyed Sean’s shower scene on “Sean Tells All” this evening! I know I did!! Queue a cold shower!


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Motorboating… what’s your price for flight?

Posted by emzkbd on September 4, 2012

I guess ABC has given up keeping things a secret since they gave away the entire episode in the previews. As always, we start the show post-rose ceremony from the previous week’s elimination. The “very privileged people” are relieved because there are no more alliances.

Rachel apologizes for whining and promises to keep it to a minimum so long as she can talk about Michael all she wants.

The next morning Chris Harrison arrives in his wallpaper shirt to inform the remaining contestants to pack because the winning couple will be sending another couple home after the competition—Hanging by a Thread. I foresee a tampon pulling contest. Whoever has the widest set vagina will clearly dominate!

Tony says he’s doing it for his son, just like he does everything else—cooking, cleaning, squeezing Blakeley’s tits. Blakeley, on the other hand, is doing it so she doesn’t have to see another bleached asshole… except for Hatchet Face.

All the men except for Nick—who’s probably the strongest—sit on the swing. The other partners answer Bachelor trivia. Here’s what we learned:

Donna was first in her bikini… and Nick was the first in it.

Ericka Rose was from the earliest season of the series… which makes her the oldest hag around.

Erica, one of the twins, did not compete in the Falling for Love challenge… and I’d bet she’s the bisexual virgin.

At the Hot Sludge Fundae contest, Jamie was David’s partner before the switchup… but so was Chris. Girl came on too needy!

The first competition on season one of Bachelor Pad was Twister. I’m just surprised they weren’t naked!

At this point, Blakeley fails Tony, like she failed her college entrance exams and ended up at Hooters. Tony falls first… and probably the most often.

Natalie Getz took off her top on BP season one. I think they were at the Bare pool in the Mirage, and as I told my friends, I want to take off my top there, too.

Ella and Michelle were the moms on BP season two. Moms BEFORE the show, not impregnated during it.

Other than Ericke Rosa and Michael, Gia was the only other contestant to be on two seasons of BP… but I’m sure all three of them will be back for at least one more.

Another one bites the dust. Rachel can’t hold on any longer, so she plops like a turd in a toilet.

The Weatherman Jonathan won the pie eating challenge in season one. And all along I thought he would prefer hot dogs to pastries.

Last but not least, Ed drops into the pool, leaving Chris and Sarah as the winners. Thank goodness Sarah did her recon and stalked a lot of the contestants! As a result, Chris and Sarah have to decide who to send home, but first Sarah rides him hard for old time sake. Then they talk it out—they don’t think they can beat Ed and Hatchet Face; Tony is a standup, albeit pathetic, guy; and Nick would take them to the final two.

Blakeley starts to hyperventilate. We see a few of the contestants plead their cases. When Tony plays the daddy card, Chris pretends to have a heart and gets a little misty, but he has to have the final say: “We’re the best. No one’s really trusted me, especially Blakeley, even though I told her Jamie and I only held hands. Tony, you’re my boi, and I understand you’re here to better your son’s life. But at the same time, I’m better than you, so get the fuck out.”

As they leave, Rachel tells Blakeley she loves her so much, just not that sparkly skirt she wore the first night, and Hatchet Face has been so loyal to Blakeley, just not to her face. Tony won’t leave Blakeley or her fun-bags. Once they’re in the limo, Tony continues to comfort her like he would his son, except for his attempted cleav-squeeze, but Blakeley’s body language is more like “Ok lumberjack, game’s over…  I’m off to find me a sugar daddy, not a baby daddy.”

Nevertheless, Tony practically proposes in the limo, and Blakeley basically says, “Thanks, now stop trying to kiss me or I’ll donkey-punch you in the throat.”

Later, Chris Harrison returns to tell the remaining six that their next challenge starts immediately, and the winner of the competition secures a spot in the final two.

Ed and Sarah—with their matching flip flops—and everyone else arrive at the Hollywood Paladium where famous artists have performed. Inside, Night Ranger is performing, and Hatchet Face recognizes the song. Ed says it’s one of his favorites.

Meanwhile, Chris says a singing challenge would be disastrous, much like his last few flings, and Chris Harrison confirms that. The couples will perform “Sister Christian” for the band.

Ed says he does it in his car every week… that and he rubs one out to every pretty girl he sees on the street. Ed and Chris proceed to bash their female partners—“Jaclyn is tone deaf” and “Sarah is not the best singer.” But Nick is pumped; he’s going balls to the walls.

The couples meet with vocal coaches, most of whom have worked on Glee, including the peenist. Isn’t that how Nick pronounced it? Rachel admits to being a deepthroater, which gives her that raspiness. And here I thought it was all those Marlboros!

Sarah says her voice sounds like a thirteen-year-old boy going through puberty, and I tend to agree because that’s probably what she ate for lunch. Chris: “There’s bad, and then there’s Sarah.” You think he said the same thing about Blakeley’s sex skillz?

Rachel contemplates the meaning of the song. Apparently, “motoring” is like cruising. I Googled it. Nick, on the other hand, tells us he enjoys motorboating, and therefore, thinks of boobs (probably Donna’s) when he hears “motoring”.

Ed deigns himself the Karaoke King, and he does have a way of slipping into songs the same way he slips into girls’ panties. Unfortunately for him and his attractive partner, they basically give up. Maybe if they thought of boobies, they’d have a renewed sense of interest in this competition.

The next morning, Chris admits he threw up so that he could lose a few pounds for their performance. Everyone puts in a few more practice rounds, while scaring away the local wildlife. Then it’s on to the venue for their big show. ABC paid some extras to scream and cheer upon their arrival. None of them know who these fools are.

Nick and Rachel go over their choreography, and then Rachel applies some mascara on him. Open your eyes dude! The real genius though is Chris who copies the words on to his hand. Because reading them is soooo not obvious!

Chris Harrison tries to pump up the crowd of teeny boppers who have no idea who Night Ranger is. In fact, they probably think One Direction will take the stage. What a disappointment when it’s these D-listers!

Nick and Rachel go first and are by far the best… in my opinion… so it’s no wonder they win. As it turns out, the song is about a brother giving his sister advice, and they’re the only duo who didn’t play incestuous siblings making out on stage. Nick brought out his inner rock star, and even Rachel’s throat cancer didn’t hinder her performance that badly.

Next up, the team to beat—Ed and Hatchet Face! Unfortunately for these two, their performance bombed, although I’m not sure if it’s because they were in fact wastey-faced. They both forget the words—the cocky ones who bragged about singing it in their sleep. To make up for their poor vocal performance, they incorporate some dry humping into their choreography until they finish… pun intended. The audience, which appears to include a Bible study group, looks appalled.

The last couple to perform—Chris and Sarah—clearly don’t know what they’re doing. At first it looks like they’ve got it all planned out, and then all hell breaks loose, as one of the judges put it. Chris pretends to drive a car while reading the words on his hand, which the judges eventually notice. Chris does a few air thrusts, while Sarah dances an Irish—no Scottish?—jig until she reenacts the ride ‘em cowgirl position from earlier, which Ed describes as a monkey being electrocuted on stage.  Sounds about right!

Once again, the Bible-thumpers shake their heads at all this dirty dancing. Disgraceful! The judges say they enjoyed Rachel and Nick, they detested Ed and Hatchet Face, and they found Chris and Sarah to be the most fun—like Sarah’s teal Grease Lightening pants.

Nick and Rachel win and use their roses as mics to perform an encore of their performance in their dressing room… where thankfully no one can hear. In another room, Chris and Sarah aren’t knocking boots; he’s just throwing them. And like them, Hatchet Face is stressing that her BFF might not pick her to be in the finals.

Before the rose ceremony, Rachel and Nick make a check list of Pros and Cons for each couple, but honestly, Nick already had his speech prepared. Nick: “The more strategic move is to take Chris and Sarah to the finals… we cannot take Ed and Jaclyn—they are the most popular in the house. Who’s caused more drama in the house? Chris and Sarah… that’s enough for me to make a decision. We’re playing with fire, taking Ed and Jaclyn. We have to be smart about this. Without a doubt, we’ll win this thing if we take Chris and Sarah. What are you here for? You’re here for the money, right? Friendships will be there, but if you want the money, we take Chris and Sarah. We have guaranteed votes if we take [them]. We’ve gotta take ‘em. They have caused issues in this house… we can take advantage of it. All of their screw-ups are gonna work to our advantage, and we’re gonna cash in.” After that speech, he could convince me to sell my best friend’s kidney on the black market. Rachel caves and bestows Hatchet Face with a one-way ticket home and a luxurious limousine ride to the airport. What else are best friend’s for?

And just like that, the UGLY CRY returns! Rachel can’t even look at her. Hatchet Face has to declaw that piece of shit from their embrace. Ed says “Rachel owed that to Jaclyn” who never betrayed her in the entire season, except when Jaclyn pledged loyalty to Blakeley.

Rachel says money is ugly, but so is Hatchet Face. Dun dun dun! Rachel thinks she made the wrong decision, but I say, honey, if you win, take her out to lunch and buy her a really nice purse… and a scarf to cover up her face. Stay tuned for the most dramatic finale EVER! Seriously!! I know most of what goes down, and it’s gory. So gory, you won’t be able to look away, unless it’s from Hatchet Face, of course!

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